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Electrofusion Tapping Saddle

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Industry knowledge

Basic structure of Electrofusion Tapping Saddle

Electrofusion Tapping Saddle is a pipe fitting specially used for connecting branch pipes on existing pipe systems. It uses electrofusion technology to achieve safe and reliable connections. Its basic structure includes the following main parts:

Saddle structure:
Saddle-shaped main body: The main part has a saddle-shaped design, which can closely fit on the outer wall of the existing pipeline, providing a stable installation foundation.
Arc-shaped inner surface: The saddle-shaped inner surface matches the outer diameter of the pipe to ensure close contact and improve welding quality.

Electric fusion coil:
Embedded electrofusion coil: Electrofusion coils are embedded in the inner wall of the saddle-shaped structure. These coils are made of conductive metal materials. When electric current passes through the coil, heat is generated to melt the surface of the pipe fittings and pipes, thereby achieving welding.

Branch pipe connection:
Branch interface: There is a branch connection interface on the top for connecting newly installed branch pipes. The connection port has standard pipe thread or smooth interface to adapt to different connection methods.
Sealing gasket: The branch port is equipped with a sealing gasket to ensure the sealing of the branch pipe connection.
Electrode contact points:

Electrode interface: There are electrode contact points on the outside of the saddle-shaped body. The electric fusion welding machine is connected through these interfaces to provide the current required for welding.

These structural designs make the application of Electrofusion Tapping Saddle in various pipeline systems simple and reliable. It is widely used in municipal water supply, gas transmission, agricultural irrigation, industrial transportation and other fields, especially when new pipes need to be introduced from existing pipeline systems. In the case of branch pipes.