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Electrofusion Reducer

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Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd. has successively developed a complete set of PE gas pipe fittings, including electric melting pipe fittings, hot melting pipe fittings, PE ball valves, PE steel plastic conversion joints (including 3PE anti-corrosion steel plastic conversion joints), covering over 1000 varieties and specifications of Dn20-Dn630. The company has advanced production equipment, including nearly 30 injection molding machines with a capacity of 100000 grams, over 30 CNC processing equipment, and an annual production of over 10 million pipe fittings and over 40000 PE ball valves. The test center has complete testing equipment (hydrostatic testing machine, Analytical balance, microscope, carbon black content tester, dumbbell prototype, melt mass flow rate meter, medium thermostat, universal electronic tensile machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, thermal stability tester, etc.).
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Industry knowledge

Structural features of Electrofusion Reducer

Electrofusion Reducer is a pipe fitting used to connect pipes of different diameters. It uses electrofusion connection technology to achieve seamless connection of pipes. Its structural design has unique features to ensure connection reliability and durability. The following are the main structural features of Electrofusion Reducer:

Main material:
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE): The Electrofusion Reducer is made of high density polyethylene, which provides excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength.
Electric fusion coil:
Embedded electrofusion coil: Electrofusion coils are embedded in the inner wall of the Reducer. These coils are made of conductive metal materials. When electric current passes through the coil, heat is generated to melt the fittings and pipes, thereby achieving welding.
Transition zone:
Transition section design: The Reducer is designed to gradually transition from large diameter to small diameter to ensure smooth transition of fluid in the pipeline and reduce pressure loss and turbulence.
Interface part:
Concentric design: Concentric design is symmetrical about the axis.
Electrode contact points:
Electrode interface: The Reducer is designed with electrode interfaces on the outside. These interfaces are connected to the electric fusion welding machine to provide the current required for welding.